About Koa Communications | Meet the Koa Team

Koa Communications is a distinctive marketing communications firm. We are dedicated to partnering with companies that embody a corporate culture rich with integrity, honesty, innovation and clarity of purpose in all of their internal and external communications.

Located in San Francisco, Koa Communications’ unique service model builds a team of seasoned public relations professionals perfectly suited to each client engagement. Each unique team provides senior level strategy, design and implementation of public relations programs for the lifestyle, hospitality, non-profit, food and wine, travel and consumer products industries.

The mission of Koa Communications is to enrich the profitability of our clients by providing them with an outstanding, results-driven marketing communications product. We value each business engagement by demonstrating the highest degree of mutual respect, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Through many years of experience we have mastered the art of working in tandem with our clients to identify corporate objectives and hone communications strategies to build a strong reputation and brand promise. Our unique approach to understanding a client’s business culture, vision and market share enables us to implement a clear, definitive path to widespread brand awareness.

Our Approach
The Koa Communications client service model correlates with the Five Chinese Elements. Just as the Five Elements theory positions wood, fire, earth, metal, and water as the basic elements of the material world, Koa Communications believes these five elements are essential in ensuring successful client engagements.

FireHeat. Light. Energy.

We focus our creative energy and are passionate about our clients business. We are relentless in achieving results.
EarthProductive. Growth. Change.

The Koa Communications team thinks ahead, anticipates clients’ needs, is agile and can change course on a moment's notice to meet the market demand.

MetalConduction. Strength. Firmness.
We are the conductors of our clients’ energy, passion and purpose which allows us to deliver results.
Water Reflective. Flow.
The constant flow of information between Koa Communications and our clients ensures success in the marketplace.
WoodStrong. Rooted. Harmony.
We pride ourselves on client relationships that are strong, harmonious and mutually beneficial.